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Patient Centered app

A digital platform to educate & connect with patients to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Increased Patient-Practitioner Communication

Individual & Practice Level Data Collect

Personalized Care Plans

Comprehensive Educational Videos

Improved Outcomes for Amputees

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User Friendly for Patients & Practitioners

Limb loss is a traumatic event without having to learn a whole new set of vocabulary and absorbing the new daily routine of being a prosthetic user.  Prosthetic Pal's simplified platform engages the patient and provides important feedback to the prosthetic care team.

Daily Schedule

Push notifications tailored to the patient provide reminders to wear shrinkers, preform skin checks, or keep track of sock ply and socket comfort.

Personalized Education

Educational videos simplify and expand on the vast vocabulary and knowledge needed for patients and clinicians to communicate effectively throughout the prosthetic process.

Easy Communication

In-app access to phone numbers, direct messaging, and office locations connect the patient and entire prosthetic care team like never before.

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